Reincarnation Future Growth Through Past Lives DVD

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Reincarnation, past lives, the everlasting existence of the soul-these are just some of the topics covered in this exciting and informative lecture with renowned spiritual teacher Dr. Kevin Ross Emery. Filmed live, this lecture delivers clarity and new perspective on the subject of reincarnation. Discover how past lives affect our present incarnations and how we can bring those past lives into balance in the present. Join Dr. Kevin as he guides the viewer through a special meditation to explore their personal lives. About the Author Dr. Kevin Ross Emery maintains a private practice focusing on Alternative Approaches for ADD, Intuitive Business Development, Spiritual Coaching and Counseling and Medical Intuition. A cutting-edge practitioner whose career has spanned several different worlds and taken him around the globe several times, Dr. Kevin has been featured on radio, television, Internet, and on numerous publications. Dr. Kevin is the creator of classes, workshops, and training sessions for those seeking information and tools and skills for their lives. Dr. Kevin is the author of the Lightlines(tm) Publishing titles Managing the Gift:Alternative Approaches for Attention Deficit Disorder, Combing the Mirror and Other Steps in Your Spiritual Path. He is the co-author of three audio tapes, Prosperity and Manifestation, The Lost Steps of Reiki, and The Channeled Messages of Simon Peter, and the books, The Lost Steps of Reiki:The Channeled Teaching of Wei Chi, and Experiment Earth:Journey Back to the Beginning.