Flying Wish Paper

Flying Wish Paper
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Bring balance to you mind, body, and spirit with this special edition Chakra Kit. Meditate on individual chakras to 'open' energy centers that are under active, and relax chakras that are working too hard. A helpful chakra guide is enclosed. With this kit, you'll discover that Flying Wish Paper is a powerful way to manifest your needs and desires. Includes red Flying Wish Paper to represent power, life, and vitality. Each Large Flying Wish Paper Wishing Kit is beautifully packaged in a di cut envelope, 7 x 7" square, printed on heavy card stock and sealed with a glossy UV varnish for a gorgeous shine. Contents Include: 50 sheets of Wish Paper in RED 25 Wish Platforms - A moder lotus flower design in a ranbow of vibrant colors. Each Wish Platform can be used two or three times. Pencile - 5 little pencils in gold Instructions - easy details and photos Matches not included